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Craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter wolframite mining bitcoins

Craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter

The Caster throwing any other Number for the Main, such as are admitted, and brings the same Number directly afterwards, it is likewise termed a Nick, and he also wins whatever Stakes he has made. If a knowledgeable person can determine whether this reflects an early form of "craps," perhaps the entry can be modified. Svaihingen talk , 7 November UTC. Traditionally I believe the shooter crapped out by rolling a 2 snake eyes or a 12 box cars on the first roll.

I believe it was the casinos that added 3 as a crap-out, thus doubling the odds of crapping out in their favor. Am I wrong? Hi, I'm working on a translation for the German wiki right now. I noticed, that there is no hint so far, that you need TWO dice to play craps. Some native might add that information soon. Note: Only two dice are used during play of the hand.

Five dice are offered to each new shooter to choose only two from, after the previous player sevens-out. From those five dice offered, the new player selects only two to play with using ONLY one hand to pick the two selected , and the stickman then retrieves the other three dice for non-use during the game. He puts it back into a "dice bowl" and out of play. When the next player sevens-out, he then add the two game dice back to the out of play dice, and presents five dice to the next new player, to again select two from.

Dan Lubin. In the first paragraph of 'The basic game', it is stated that: "On the first roll of the two dice If a 7 is rolled before the point number, the shooter has sevened-out and loses. Also, I am assuming that the 'shooter' is the person rolling the dice? It isn't explicity stated by the text. Please move them around as you see fit. Foodmarket , 14 Feb UTC. Carlw talk , 5 April UTC. This article seems to only deal with craps within the context of a casino.

I don't know anything about the game, but I'm pretty sure it's widely played in much more informal settings. Currently, craps is almost exclusively played in casinos. Up until the 's, many "after hour joints" informal gambling halls had crap games for wagering, and was very popular in that form until the 's. Law enforcement, the increasing popularity of casino play, the difficulty of finding talented dice dealers to run games, and the introduction of legalized casino gambling in New Jersey in the 's essentially did away with such "informal" crap games.

When craps is played informally for learning, socializing or dealer practice the same "layout" or betting cloth is often used, displaying the same bets available in a casino. I don't know anything about craps and came to this article hoping to find out. However the article is very very confusing and disorganised. This is no use to someone like me. Rather than explaining the game in clear terms, it rambles out about all sorts of terms without really explaining them.

We describe it the same way when we teach new players. Now keep in mind, craps is a fairly complex game in comparison to other wagering games such as blackjack, and the author also described the source of the game's odds, dice probability, and "house edge" in order to be very complete.

He also described table protocol. As a casino dealer, I feel the author was right on the money in describing the game, though it is complicated. It takes a bit longer to pick it up than most games, especially if a complete description, including dice probability is offered, in order to be complete.

Always remember the game is as complex as you want to make it through how many betting choices you want to take advantage of. I recommend to any novice as I was to start with a single bet i. With that said I think this article is very well written with logical examples. Reading about how to play craps is difficult in itself, when I just decided to go try it and experiement and watch other people I learned much faster. How about an explanation before talking about it I know what it means usually a 12, but specifically it's what's printed on the table on the don't come line that pushes a don't pass bet.

RE: This line: "The terms 'on a roll', 'crapshoot', 'no dice', 'crap out', 'Snake Eyes' and 'do it the hard way' all trace their origins to the game of craps. The first five I can agree with, but to attribute "do it the hard way" to Craps sounds extremely suspicious to me. The use of the word "hard" to indicate "difficult" surely predates the game of Craps. The page for the Little Joe rocket says "Since their first cross-section drawings showed four holes up, they called the project "Little Joe," from the crap-game throw of a double deuce on the dice.

I know nothing about craps except that there's a stereotype that it's played on the streets of at least America, by incredibly poor people in inner cities. I see it daily in San Francisco, and was hoping to find out about it. I find it highly annoying, that although many people associate craps with African-Americans and crack, and even though it is a stereotype, the article talks nothing of this piece. More evidence that Wikipedia has nothing to do with reality.

The page notes street craps 'reportedly' popularized by African Americans - the source is from , likely not the most reliable source out there. Can someone please example 'odds' bet. Where exactally do you place chips on the table for an odds bet? For someone who knows nothing about the game this article is no where near enough to construct and play the game. The title image has incorrect copyright. Some one correct it, or replace it with a better image. Right now it looks like ripped off some casino webpage.

Also, its a lousy image, and not at all instructive. The reason I'm asking is cause the player cannot take the bet off until he wins or loses. If a 7th point is thrown do the players with fire bets only get paid once, or do they get paid twice?

There cannot be a seventh point thrown. This is based on unique points made, of which there are only six 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, For example, a shooter who sets and makes a point of 6 five times in a row would still only count as one point for the fire bet. A shooter who sets and makes 4, 6, 6, 8, and 9 has, for the purposes of the fire bet, cleared four points. Anybody agree that the article would benefit from a table layout. What does everyone want with regard to the odds table? Should I have different odds for win, loss, push, and all the different payouts on the multiple payoff bets?

For instance, on the don't pass, the odds of winning are which is where the house edge comes in , but the odds of not losing are better than even chance. The odds of rolling the 12 are of course There is reference on the table to the Santa Ana Star Casino's odds. This is inappropriate and transparent advertising and not suitable for inclusion. Unless you're planning on including the special odds offered by every single casino which offers them.

Santa Ana Star Casino's page itself is clearly written by someone who works for them and the references are clearly designed to draw trade. I make many trips to Nevada, either Laughlin or Vegas. Money is the only thing that counts and if you take a good look at the percentages, every chart would tell you play the pass line and come. If you take into account the money invested on a point and full odds, you would be surprised of your actual winnings compared to the amount of money you put up.

The reason for this is to decrease the money paid out on points and increase the house edge. You would be better off placing the number. You would actually see a higher payout on a place bet than you would on the money you bet on the pass line plus odds. Let me give you an example and then tell me its better to play the pass line or come. Now, I have to use odd numbers for this example apples to apples in order to show you the money.

Now, you decide to take maximum odds. But what if the 4 hits? Watch this. The same principle still puts a place bet on a 6 or 8 with higher profits than Coming with 5x odds on a 6 or 8. The 4 or 9 is even when it relates to profits on point plus 4x odds. Sincerely, Frank. Perhaps under "etiquette", or else in its own section along with the simple table that's currently there. I'm thinking of a list of the various silly phrases that are thrown out by players and dealers in response to the various rolls.

I must admit, I'm a newbie here, this would be my first wikipedia contribution. But I think it's a good one, I have a long list of these fun shout-outs. Isn't this a vulgar name for a game? Jonghyunchung talk , 22 January UTC. In the bet Odds section, the actual odds are listed as Unless I'm crazy, this cannot be correct as a payoff of 1 to 1 would imply a positive expectation game which is false.

Mgunn talk , 25 February UTC. In the section on Don't Pass odds, it says "putting up the long side reduces variance. This is simply untrue, or at least untrue on the surface. For example, if the point is 4 or 10, the variance of laying 10 to win 5 is the SAME as taking 5 to win And if you have a don't pass bet, and then lay odds on top of it, you have increased the variance from what it was before.

If some other meaning is intended it should be spelled out. There is one little-known way to place a free odds bet independently, and that is to find yourself at the table standing next to a player who bets the pass line but does not take odds. Then you ask that person, "Do you mind if I play your odds? When I used to play Caribbean Stud, I never bet the progressive, and I have had instances wherein the player next to me has asked to play my progressive bet which request I always granted.

Jimpoz talk , 23 April UTC. Does anyone know what the odds and house edge on a fire bet are? Would that information be proper to include in the Bet Odds table? Joylock talk , 28 August UTC. How did that happen? So what do I do with the hop the 7 bet after the 3 come-out rolls that began and ended with a 7 on the come-out.

Remember that I made the hop bet that hit twice on the 2nd and third come-out rolls. So if you are thinking I press the Hop the 7 Bet again on the 4th come-out , you are correct. Keep reading. So for me, I am the most secure player at the table on the come-out roll. Not fool proof at all, but this sequence occurs much more than you think.

Now we start to talk about much bigger money! Here were your 3 craps wins in a row 1. If one is considering playing the super hedge system, then you should agree that winning a little money is much better than losing a lot of money. Winning a little is better than losing a lot. Agree at times? Of course. Here is the first example of Super Hedge:. See, the player cannot lose. Do you see how the Super Hedge ensures a win for the player either way.

So you now understand that the Super Hedge just wins a little but does not lose for the player. So when would I play it. I play it for two reasons.


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Any material referring to alleged systems especially if it contains a link to a website should be 86ed.

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Craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter Here is the first example of Super Hedge: a. Money is the only thing that counts and if craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter take a good look at the percentages, every chart would tell you play the pass line and come. How about an explanation before talking about it From Dr. Also, its a lousy image, and not at all instructive. The most compelling thing to me as a Craps lover is that it's a very boisterous game of chance made far more entertaining than other casino games because of the language and phrases used while playing.
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Bitcoins le monde france You can place or buy or lay the current point, it is just not craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter because the player usually already has a pass or don't pass line bet, and if they want more money on the point they can use the free odds bet. I'm thinking of a list of the various silly phrases that are thrown out by players and dealers in response to the various rolls. Isn't this a vulgar name for a game? Perhaps I should clarify part of my last paragraph. A shooter who sets and makes 4, 6, 6, 8, and 9 has, for the purposes of the fire bet, cleared four points.
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Craps betting strategies dont pass me by songwriter Agree at times? Larry talk2 February UTC. I don't know anything about the game, but I'm pretty sure it's widely played in much more informal settings. How about an explanation before talking about it Either this description is wrong, or else it needs to clarify where this variation is found.
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