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The TeamTrump account resumed posting on Wednesday evening after the video appeared to have been taken down. In late May, the company flagged two Trump posts about mail-in ballots, part of a new policy preventing false or confusing information related to voting. Facebook has also been under fire for what critics say is a failure to enforce its rules against Trump. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has said that fighting misinformation on Covid is easier than on other topics because the company has reliable sources to help determine what is true, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Douglas in the presidential election won by Abraham Lincoln. Even then some hell raising and tomato throwing is necessary and beneficial to the nation and the people. Every member of the BusinessMirror staff—as with all other newspapers and media outlets—has his or her own views, prejudices, political and social biases, and personal agenda as to how the world should be.

Yet our founder Ambassador Antonio Cabangon-Chua made it crystal clear from the first day that this newspaper is a public trust. While press freedom is absolute in that we can say whatever we wish to say, we as journalists were told we had the obligation and responsibility to tell the truth as honestly and factually as possible. The opinion section is reserved for opinion. You may notice that at times our editorial journalist may be at odds with our cartoon journalist.

One opinion columnist may completely disagree with another on exactly the same topic, perhaps even in the same issue. However, when justified, we strive to raise hell and throw tomatoes regardless of who might be deserving of our disapproval. Why is this so important? The study found 73 percent of Americans feel that too much bias in news reports is a major problem, up from 65 percent two years ago.

Since This past week, the Senate started yet another investigation into PhilHealth irregularities, this time as the Committee of the Whole. True enough, the hearing uncovered, among many other serious issues, that more than P15 billion had allegedly been wasted or stolen over the years due to many questionable transactions. Unfortunately, the cases filed were dismissed on August 5 for lack of jurisdiction. This, and other cases that involved PhilHealth, led to a Senate Blue Ribbon investigation shortly thereafter.

True enough, the hearing uncovered, among many other serious issues, that more than P15 billion had allegedly been wasted or stolen over the years due to many questionable. The Commission on Audit COA should also be invited to succeeding hearings to see if PhilHealth is complying with the observations and recommendations of the commission expressed in recent annual audit reports. Since one of the major issues with PhilHealth this time around concerns their recent procurement of information technology IT equipment and software, they should also present their Information Systems Strategic Plan ISSP , and explain how their purchases are justified,.

Apparently, WellMed had been filing medical claims with the PhilHealth on behalf of deceased patients, or patients who had not been getting their full weekly treatments. Worse, PhilHealth is already using its reserves, and is expected to have a net loss of P90 billion this year, and P billion next year, as benefit payouts increase due to the Covid pandemic.

Actuarial analysis by PhilHealth even projected that reserves would run out by Clearly, urgent action must be taken—comprehensive reforms must be made. To that end, I proposed the following during my turn at the COW investigation. Jennifer A. Ng Vittorio V. Vitug Lorenzo M. Lomibao Jr.

Ramos Lyn B. Resurreccion, Dennis D. Estopace Angel R. Calso Ruben M. Cruz Jr. Eduardo A. Davad Nonilon G. Reyes Judge Pedro T. Santiago Ret. Benjamin V. Editorial ; Fax line: Advertising Sales ; , Circulation ; to E-mail: news businessmirror.

Printed by brown madonna Press, Inc. This must be expected in our current State because common good is the focus of political authority. In other words, the welfare of all—not the interest of some—must be prioritized by our leaders in every step they take.

We wish to think that our government truly focuses on the good of all Filipinos whenever they borrow additional funds to bolster our resources in addressing the needs of the public. This amount of debt includes the loans made by previous administrations, but a large portion of this debt—or P6. With this amount, P1. The remaining debt of P2.

Out of the P9 trillion debt, P2. And like what is expected, our loans have increased because of our need to address the challenges brought about by the pandemic, like providing financial allowances for poor families, purchasing the wellneeded equipment and supplies for. This is good news, and hopefully our government can help maintain the strength of our economy amid the crisis being endured by the whole world. The temporary or indefinite closing of many businesses did not help because of the reduced collection of taxes.

However, as citizens who pay our taxes, we need to know where our loans go, especially during this pandemic. Officials from the Department of Budget and Management should also be invited to the hearings, particularly those from the Procurement Service and the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement Services, or PhilGEPS, to check and see if overpricing happened in the procurement of the IT system components.

Agencies that have successfully transitioned to digital systems, as well as private sector experts, may also be invited for their inputs. The Office of the Ombudsman should also consider investigating high-ranking PhilHealth officers, with preventive suspensions implemented when necessary. Why are there hospitals still lacking protective equipment for their frontliners?

Did the government buy overpriced protective gear with the money? Why did locally stranded individuals squeeze themselves in a sports stadium? How much was spent to have a fast Internet connection for the students this coming school year? For your comments, e-mail veritaspr gmail.

Based on data from trade and manufacturing released a day earlier than GDP, there are signs that the lifting of the strict restrictions had allowed economic activity to return albeit slowly. This is reflected in the better trade performance in June and the return of some manufacturing activities. Inflation continues to be relatively controlled at below 3 percent in the midst of the pandemic.

These are now exposed to more instability in the coming months. Moving forward, the reality is that the economy will have a rough sailing subject to a potential close-open game unless we do a unified and decisive approach in managing the virus and make a clear protocol of how we are to live with it until we have the vaccine. The reality is that most of the assumptions we can make on the economy is based on the confident response of consumers and firms.

This clearly is not easy and calibration mechanisms are not easily implementable. From the responses of government economic managers, the focus continues to be in the infrastructure, which is good but may not be enough if not implemented in an overall plan that integrates health systems, workplaces, transportation and housing contexts. What is good is that we hear voices of our economic managers that now recognize that there is a need to first address a unified mechanism in testing, tracing, isolating and treating.

This is the base element that needs to be cemented, clarified and understood by the general public if the muchawaited confidence is to be restored. Since resources will be pushed to the maximum limit, it must be clear that the coming months will lead to challenging business environments that will not allow for full capacity utilizations.

Government cannot help everyone with dwindling resources. We cannot continue to borrow, while we are unable to collect more taxes. But government can provide the environment of confidence by ensuring that people and firms can work and do business, while observing the necessary health protocols. Along this line, what is needed is a unified communication plan to have everyone in one accord and understanding. This means that situational protocols need to be communicated to everyone because the minimum health standards may not all apply to different business situations.

For example, in an office set up, what additional steps are required to ensure that the workers limit interaction? That will not be the same for a factory or for the malls and. But some courses of action could already be taken. PhilHealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales said during the Senate inquiry that 20, cases of possible fraud are being investigated now, and that additional investigators were hired to handle the heavy caseload. There is no stopping the justice system from charging, convicting and imprisoning the guilty—which in turn could serve as a deterrent to any further corruption.

My late father, Senate President Edgardo J. Angara authored the National Health Insurance Act of Clearly, there will be businesses that will require stricter protocols; we need a combination of medical practitioners and industrial engineers working together to develop appropriate workspaces. For those that cannot implement the protocols, private sector practices can be instructive. Some firms that save jobs have focused on alternate working arrangements or reskilling their workers.

For essential businesses, firms should be assisted in providing in-house or near workplace accommodations. This is already being done by some BPOs and for some firms that cannot afford the scheme, this is where government should provide subsidies and loans since the firms are continuing to operate. It should be made clear, however, that not all businesses can wait out this pandemic.

We have seen many well-loved restaurants already giving up, for indeed, even if they borrow money to maintain operations, they will hardly make any sales since there are few people to visit them. Apart from situational protocols, government will need to work out a virus-limiting public transportation plan.

This is one of the challenges that require a medical, scientific and engineering approach as well. We will leave the how to of this process to the experts, but it is important that this is pointed out. We need to have a clear protocol on this because we need to move people to work and back home safely. We need the same to implement the process of assisting those who are stranded in many urban centers in the country.

All told, these are simply to help restore confidence because we should not worry about the growth of the economy at the moment. We should be developing business, consumption and working protocols on how to continue life with the virus around. What is important is that government and private sector response will be unified and organized for the purpose of protecting the capacities of our people and industries and ensuring that they will be ready to move up swiftly once the virus threat is minimized.

RA , which established PhilHealth. His vision was for PhilHealth to play a decisive role in ensuring that our people remain healthy. Nothing less than sweeping and decisive changes must be made so that PhilHealth remains a trusted pillar of our health-care system. Sonny Angara has been in public service for 15 years—nine years as Representative of the Lone District of Aurora, and six as Senator.

He has authored and sponsored more than laws. He is currently serving his second term in the Senate. E-mail: sensonnyangara yahoo. The Prior to going back to modified enhanced community quarantine this week, we were looking at a better second half economic performance. However, this now does not look plausible given the reimposition of lockdowns that will effectively push back the economic restart. Thus, we are not going to see any growth in the coming quarters probably extending early next year.

But last week, I could not resist partaking of the global toxin provided by social media when I responded to a heated debate about a bar or restaurant. Life is short, really short for this concern. That was my comment. It was polite. I did not want to contribute to the wound and scar. In fact, if I am to quibble, there is a dissonance in the hoi-polloi and gutter sound of the word and the place which uses such branding.

The same dissonance would vary on two or three or even more complex labels. The name could encompass young boys and girls mindful and unmindful of their genders, with one or two of them leaning toward the right and the rest to the left but still friends. For the non-Filipino, the name would be strange, not even exotic. There is a guttural moan when you pronounce the word. But to this nonFilipino, the name is meaningless unless he asks the owners about the name and their decision to name the place as such.

Until people, mostly Fil-Americans, started to question the act of giving the place a Filipino name when it does not aim to offer any Filipino delicacy. That was one issue. Some thought it was stealing an idea from. Yes, token. The decors are not even Filipino, another sector waved an angry flag. What is a debate without another side or sides? A group of people, mostly Fil-Americans, found the issue a non-issue.

Some saw in the conversation, however conflicted, a chance for Filipino culture to be properly introduced in another domain. Not in the form of a bamboo dance or songs about infidelities. Anyway, who really taught us not to smile when we are performing dance steps from the deep North and the far South? Do we always leave the silly smiles to the lowland Christians in our musical presentation?

But, hey, this is another issue. But the backlash would not abate. The pressure would not stop from, I suppose, Fil-Americans who may not even like the name I append to their group. But this is another matter to debate upon. The whole discussion, however, is not bad. Filipinos fused with whatever ethnicity have found their voices. And yet, I feel, we have lost the opportunity to have a place upon which other ethnic groups can develop a greater awareness about us—us in the States and the majority of us who have remained in the country.

The men behind the Barkada enterprise finally came out. They are Americans and they have apologized to those who ask that they change the name of their project. Here is their published apology: We apologize to all. It was never our intention to appropriate or capitalize on the Filipino culture and we fell short in engaging more of the Filipino community.

Outside of the US we are not Filipino community. But I do not propose that these men express their apology to all Filipinos. Some or many of us do not care about this issue. There are other battles to fight and they do not involve labels and bars.

The fact is culture is never homogeneous. It will be boring if culture has one true color. Culture is interesting because it contains different colors. Or, cultures are interesting because they are not just one single culture. Authenticity has long been regarded as misunderstood or overrated. The cultures as lived are always about people in a journey between two or more domains of behaviors and thought-processes.

One thing that we all learned from this. In , a dictator changed the smallest political unit in our country from barrio to barangay, and the rest is martial law history. What is the problem with cultural appropriation? All cultures have appropriated other cultures. We call that process change or domination or colonization. The entire United States of America is a product of massive cultural appropriations.

Filipinos in America have appropriated behavior, sense of wealth and propriety so that they would become part of the monumental American dream and citizenship. It is called living and surviving. Now, this is another essay and debate. E-mail: titovaliente yahoo. Jose P. Del Castillo was lounging at the public bath of San Agueda in Barcelona when Golli approached him and fired at the top government official. Upon his arrest, Golli readily admitted that he shot the Prime Minister to retaliate against the execution of his fellow Barcelona anarchist, Rizal, on December 30, But I have done my duty, and I am now easy on my mind, for I have avenged my friends and brothers at the Montjuich.

Golli was later found guilty and executed for his crime. Montjuich Castle was a fortified prison in Barcelona, like Bastille, where anarchists and revolutionaries were incarcerated. Once found guilty of the crime, the convicts were executed inside the compound by shooting them at the back. When the Spanish-American War broke out in , Dr. Rizal, upon advice of his good friend Ferdinand Blumentritt, volunteered his medical services to serve in Cuba where the war was raging.

Blanco even gave Rizal a letter of recommendation addressed to the Ministry of War in Spain, since Rizal would serve under the Spanish medical corps, which. However, while his ship was crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the ship captain placed Rizal under arrest upon order of the Minister of the Colonies who sent Blanco and the ship captain a telegraphic transfer.

Through pressure of the friars in the Philippines, Rizal was accused of being the secret leader of the revolution, which was gaining ground while he was travelling. Rizal was arrested and confined in Montjuich Castle when his vessel bound for Cuba docked in Barcelona on October 6, Rizal was sailed back to Manila to face the charges lodged against him. His arrest made news in Spain, particularly in Barcelona. In less than two months, Rizal was found guilty of high treason, rebellion, and other crimes and was sentenced to death.

Governor General Camilo Polavieja decreed the execution of Rizal by firing squad at 7 a. Only recently, the cell where Rizal was detained in Montjuich was refurbished and opened to the public. To me that represented his whole character—inflexible, daring. I could understand why he did not bend neither to tyranny nor to death. Dominguez told reporters that they have already made this known to PhilHealth since October last year. This is why Dominguez said the government has allocated around P70 billion to P80 billion to subsidize PhilHealth this year.

However, in the long term, he. Santiago also said in a Senate hearing that PhilHealth may collapse in should it get no additional funding from the government as it needed to increase benefit payouts despite declining collections. Moreover, PhilHealth said the fund alluded to by Keith was the Interim Reimbursement Mechanism IRM that was released to a total of health-care facilities to ensure efficient and timely response to the Covid pandemic. The state health insurer also debunked the alleged favoritism in the release of funds to hospitals.

It has also since pointed out that the IRM is governed by government accounting and auditing rules, hence, it is subject to liquidation by its recipients. This has made them successful in their containment measures. AMRO said the region is expected to follow a gradual U-shaped recovery due to the efforts to contain the virus.

The lockdowns also caused disruptions of business operations and widespread collapse in domestic demand. However, AMRO said the pandemic has been relatively well contained in the region and authorities have begun to gradually open up their economies. Recent indicators show significant improvements in production and trade for some, while highfrequency indicators of people movement suggest that activity within the region has been gradually recovering in recent weeks as containment measures are eased.

However, the opening up has also led to renewed outbreaks in several places and authorities have had to retighten restrictions. HE cochairman of the House Economic Stimulus Response Package Cluster on Thursday urged economic managers to make infrastructure and human capital development investments to ensure that the contraction in the gross domestic product GDP will not translate into permanently lost income. Albay Rep.

Even with 50 percent to 70 percent of mobility paralyzed, the Philippine economy can still. We can build on these strengths. However, industry stakeholders and experts sounded the alarm that the impact of RCEF is yet to be seen as palay output this year was lower compared to and , when additional rice production interventions like RCEF were absent.

Palay output in the January-toJune period of and was at 8. PSA data also showed that palay output in the second quarter rose by 7 percent to 4. Furthermore, despite initial RCEF interventions such as free high-yielding seeds, palay output in the second quarter was still lower than the 4. The second quarter output was just also slightly higher than the 4.

Economist Pablito M. Villegas said the loss of about , rice harvest area last year could be a factor to the paltry performance of the rice sector in the first half. However, Villegas pointed out that the RCEF seed interventions may have mitigated somehow the detrimental impact of the shrinkage in total harvest area. Montemayor said palay output in the first half should have been better than and production levels due to RCEF interventions. Rice farmers would also receive P5 billion worth of free machinery during the period.

The BusinessMirror sought comments from the DA about the matter but there was no response as of press time. SMC said it incurred a net loss of P4 billion in the first half, a reversal of the P Revenues declined 31 percent to P Ang said. As such, we fully support the new modified enhanced community quarantine in support of our medical frontliners. The company attributed the losses to the lockdown which prevented customers from going to their stores.

Much of the loss was incurred in the April-to-June period, when the damage reached P System-wide sales for the first half was down 11 percent to P Much of the drop also came in during the second quarter when sales fell 31 percent to P9. The company said during the first few weeks of the enhanced community quarantine that started in mid-March, up to 30 percent of all stores were closed.

The company slowly reopened during the sec-. In June, less than 10 percent of stores remained closed and this was further reduced to 5 percent in July. The company earlier said those that remained close until today may have to be permanently shut due to various reasons. The company ended the first half with a nationwide store count of 2,, 10 percent more than same period in The franchised-stores accounted for 55 percent of the total, while the remaining 45 percent are corporate-owned.

The company said its cash level remains to be above the normal operating requirements and there are still sufficient credit lines made available by major banks to provide additional liquidity if needed. VG Cabuag. The advisory came in the wake of the Department of Transportation DOTr directives addressed to all public transportations, including the aviation, railway, road and maritime sectors after the National Capital Region and other provinces were placed anew under modified enhanced community quarantine MECQ.

CAAP said it will implement the DOTr directives seeking to reduce the transmission of Covid infection in all public transport facilities. CAAP said airlines officials in all airports in the country were directed to require all passengers to wear face mask upon arrival at the airport and wear the face shield prior boarding the aircraft.

Aside from the mask and face shields, passengers are also required to bring their negative Covid test results or certification and present them to airline staff at the counters. Health authorities pointed out that the use of face shields and masks reduces exposure to and emission of respiratory droplets considerably. The local carriers continue to implement enhanced biosecurity preventive measures to keep their passengers and personnel safe.

These safety measures include daily extensive cleaning and disinfection protocols for all aircraft and facilities, rapid antibody testing for all frontliners and crew and contactless flight procedures, based on global best practices and safety standards. Recto Mercene. Both companies suffered steep decline in revenues, with the refiner reporting a P Petron continues to improve its productivity and reduce expenses to cope with the Covid impact.

Cash preservation initiatives have also been initiated. With crude prices stabilizing on the back of improving demand, some recovery in refining margins are expected moving forward, the company said. It has a capacity of 4, tests per day. The company also recently launched its online ordering platform www. Enrique K. The group handled 7. Lorenz S. LDT Inc. He reported that in the first half, the telco titan booked P Its net income was flat at P But more importantly, we are happy that we have been able to provide uninterrupted, essential communications services to our countrymen," Pangilinan said.

We are social creatures by nature and thankfully, technology has made it possible to keep in touch, even during a lockdown. Pangilinan noted that the balance of the original capex program will be spent in , adding that his group is always ready to spend more money to further improve its networks. Yes, it may seem simple as turning on a switch but that switch is part of a complex network system, with multiple layers of technology elements, embedded over years of investments.

The group initially intended to cut its capex program for the year by around 20 percent to 25 percent due to limitations on supply and mobility. While some of these issues have already been partially addressed, they remain a challenge for PLDT.

AGI , the holding firm of businessman Andrew Tan, on Thursday rolled out its strategy aimed at helping its various businesses to quickly recover from the impact of the Covid pandemic. Tan, the company's CEO, said businesses should find a way to co-exist with the virus to survive. He said the strategy has proven effective for the conglomerate even during the past periods of uncertainty in the country, such as the launch of Eastwood City during the Asian financial crisis, and the launch of Travellers Hotel Group Inc.

AGI is cutting its capital expenditure this year by almost half to P42 billion from the previously announced P79 billion as it tries to preserve cash. Tan said some P36 billion of the said capex will be for Megaworld Corp. Another P4 billion will be allocated for gambling arm Travellers International. The balance of P2 billion is spread out between liquor firm Emperador Inc.

Customers can purchase products ranging from food to gadgets, hardware, kitchenware, and liquor from over local and international merchants. Orders may either be delivered on-demand, or on a later schedule. Since , we have been looking for investment opportunities on an app that will enable our retail partners sell and deliver their products online and ondemand.

Tan, Megaworld's executive vice president and president of Agile Digital. Aside from the technology itself, we put focus on operations which will be integral to the success of every brand that we create. IMI, Inc. Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc. Dynamic Fund, Inc. The listed bank said in a disclosure on Thursday it allocated P million in loan loss reserves in the first half, higher than the P million earmarked in the same period last year. PBB shares ended flat at P8 each amid the 1.

Avante said. Despite the hike in credit buffer, the banking arm of the Zest-O Group of Companies saw its net income rise by Interest income climbed by 14 percent to P3. Total assets as of end-June rose by Of this amount, P On the funding side, deposit liabilities stood at P Total equity reached P14 billion for the period, translating to P Net interest margin accelerated to 5.

Return on average assets and return on average equity stood at 1. Their merged operations began a month after the approval. Tyrone Jasper C. The main presenter was Jam M. Mariquit, managing director at Actillegos Competitive Intelligence and senior consultant of Convergent Experience. While these strategies were meant for forprofit organizations, I thought it would be a useful guide also in the context of associations: Suit up: This covers an internal assessment of the organization and its business.

Based on my experience in managing an association, this strategy called for looking first into financial survivability. As revenues were down due to the pandemic, our recourse was to rationalize costs while keeping the staff employed. We are monitoring our reserve funds closely while developing new sources of revenues. Scan: This relates to external assessment where two tools were presented: environmental scanning and scenario setting. In our association, this meant looking at and consulting with what other associations are doing, as well as reaching out to potential partners and collaborating with them to fulfil common interests and have economies of scale.

This also involved brainstorming sessions and working with our team on how best to strategize and plan ahead. Survive: This connotes scenario development where a pandemic survival checklist was presented. The checklist contains these six action items for associations to do: protecting employees;. Association World Octavio Peralta keeping them informed; securing the future of business; supporting the community; initiating key policies; and, protecting the current business.

E-mail inquiries adfiap. CIT will then be reduced by 1 percentage point every year from to Additional P billion is seen over the next five years of implementation. Business groups, including the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines, have been encouraging the government to pass the second package of tax reform immediately. Bringing down the CIT to 25 percent immediately will draw the Philippines nearer to the 23 percent average in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region, the Finex argued, which is seen to boost investor confidence.

Herbosa said the state-owned financial. The BAP oversees the selection of industry players who can support the banking industry in the efficient clearing and settlement of dollar transfers domestically, Citi Philippines explained. The selection is based on the key criteria of efficient operations and service as well as credit availability.

Clearing of the domestic dollar transfers will be performed by the Philippine Clearing House Corp. The appointment of Citi Philippines and PCHC as the settlement bank and clearing operator, respectively, will take effect on August 17 and will end in five years. We continue to strive in making our payment gateway world-class. Consing The flows come from the Interbank FX foreign exchange flows and commercial transfers from the member banks.

With this payment capability being settled domestically, dollar transfers are settled on the same day. Consing was quoted in the same statement as saying the association is completing this year its third decade of implementing the PDDTS.

The loan can be repaid in five years. The agreement outlines that all. The state-owned bank is also providing additional services to BTr, allowing it to monitor remittance via digital platforms. Herbosa said it is seen to benefit companies from different sectors, including construction, manufacturing, health, education and transport. What you contribute this year will turn heads and encourage others to follow suit. Personal gain, enlightenment and respect are heading your way.

Your numbers are 5, 11, 21, 27, 35, 41, VEN before President Rodrigo Duterte declared late Sunday evening the return to a modified enhanced community quarantine MECQ for Metro Manila and adjoining provinces to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, the iconic Old Swiss Inn already announced it was closing its dine-in service for two weeks starting August 3.

Katrina Limcaoco, managing director of the popular restaurant in Makati and Paco, now in its 74th year, told me she had been wary of the rising number of Covid cases reported by the Department of Health. We already prepared barracks for our staff and told all people to work from home as much as possible, beef up their data connections, and move all data to the cloud. Even her staff agreed it was a good idea to temporarily close their doors, even if they would rack up losses again.

But I figured it was only for two weeks [although every day of sales counts]. And I would still have my delivery and take-out sales, which is now the majority of my sales. Aside from a ban on dine-in service in restaurants, under MECQ rules, hotels are also closed unless they have long-term staying guests, foreign nationals who are already checked-in as of March 17, and frontliners.

Tourist destinations such as water parks, reservation service and related services are likewise prohibited from operating, as well as travel and tour agencies. Domestic flights are cancelled while select international flights are allowed, according to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque in a news briefing on Monday.

Stick to your plan, regardless of what others do or say. Stop second-guessing, and trust your intuition to guide you in the right direction. Positive thoughts will help you deter those trying to lead you astray. Anger will get in the way of your ability to get ahead.

Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve, and say no to anyone who is tempting you with anything that will interfere with your progress. For instance, our National Capital Region office had already issued more than CAOs representing over 62, rooms. Hotel Sales and Marketing Association Inc.

Ibarreta said many of her members had various reactions to the MECQ. The staff will be billeted again at the hotels as public transportation is not available for use. Their ranks are also being decimated as their tireless work, helping out at the hospitals amid the pandemic, has also lowered their immunity, making them more susceptible to the dreaded virus. But all these quarantines—whatever authorities want to call them—are useless unless government steps up its contract-tracing program and implement mass testing using RT-PCR.

This has already been proven in many countries as more effective methods to contain the virus, aside from quarantining infected people, whether symptomatic or otherwise. THE Luzon-wide quarantine has helped reduced the number of new Covid cases, according to experts. While it may have been an expedient measure, the swift implementation of the lockdown has left many people stranded including students who are living in dormitories for the school year.

ARC upon hearing of the plight visited the stranded scholars staying in the institute to distribute cases of ARC products. Most of the Dualtech scholars hail from indigent families in Visayas and Mindanao. They are temporarily lodged in nearby boarding residences for the duration of their training.

The students spend six months to a year of in-school training and up to 18 months on-the-job training with partner companies. They are sponsored by individuals, nonprofit organizations, local government units or the private sector. Apart from consigning donations to various recipients, the company has initiated different activities aimed at promoting quarantine compliance among the youth while encouraging netizens to donate to selected beneficiaries.

ARC Refreshment Corp. Push your ideas and plans through. Be innovative, persistent and ready to challenge anyone who stands between you and what you want. Opportunity is within reach; refuse to let anyone stand in your way.

LEO July Aug. The attention you attract will invite criticism, as well as praise. Be prepared to stand up for your beliefs and to follow through with your promises. The threat of emotional interference is apparent. A mistake will hinder reaching your full potential. Clear your mind, and make practical decisions. Know what you want and what you are willing to give up.

The changes someone wants you to make will be for his or her benefit, not yours. Romance is encouraged. An emotional situation will put you in a precarious position with someone you deal with daily. Concentrate on getting concrete results. Plan something special, celebrate with someone you love or pamper yourself.

Wait until you have all the facts. ONDON—A British judge ruled on Wednesday that the Duchess of Sussex can keep the names of five close friends secret while she brings a privacy invasion lawsuit against a British newspaper—but he chided both sides in the case for playing out their battle in the media as well as the courtroom. The former Meghan Markle is suing the publisher of the Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline web site over five articles that published portions of a handwritten letter she wrote to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, after her marriage to Prince Harry in Meghan, 39, is seeking damages from publisher Associated Newspapers Ltd.

The duchess asked the judge to prohibit publishing details of female friends who spoke anonymously to People magazine to condemn the alleged bullying she had received from the media. I love you. I have one father. Please stop victimizing me through the media so we can repair our relationship.

They say the anonymous interviews were arranged by one of the five friends, who was concerned about the toll. Their son, Archie, was born the following year. In January, the couple announced they were quitting royal duties and moving to North America, citing what they said was unbearable intrusion and racist attitudes from the British media.

They are currently based in the Los Angeles area. This was during the launch of an all-new Apple TV, with Cook standing onstage in front of hundreds of journalists and employees promising to bring TV viewing into the app age. Hindsight has proven Cook to be wrong. Apps showed little growth while streaming services skyrocketed. Viewing habits have changed and more people are moving to a digital viewing experience. How and when people watch TV, plus the actual content itself, has changed drastically.

Some consumers demand for more content that are elevated, having been exposed to more international TV shows. A lot watch whatever they want, whenever they want. But knowing how TV is so dynamic, I am pretty sure this will change too. While this has been brought about more by circumstances beyond their control rather than.

Three months after going off the air and a month after being denied a new franchise to broadcast, ABSCBN is bringing more of its content to the digital space by streaming its new and well-loved programs on its Facebook and YouTube accounts, which have over 50 million followers and subscribers combined. Kapamilya Online Live will livestream ABS-CBN programs throughout the day and will also allow viewers to catch the latest episodes of their favorite shows as it will be available on-demand in the next 24 hours.

On YouTube, the Kapamilya Online Live will stream continuously throughout the day from as early as am until 10 pm. On Facebook, viewers can catch their favorite shows on regular timeslots with scheduled breaks between timeblocks. The company also operates the streaming service. ABS-CBN recently disclosed that it would focus on businesses that do not require a legislative franchise, including digital channels, cable, international licensing and distribution, and production of content for various streaming services.

Price chart, trade volume, market cap, and more. Launched in primitive by its pseudonymous god Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency regulated sooner than peddle capitalization and amount of figures stored on its blockchain. The Bitcoin software is free and available online to anyone who wants to run a Bitcoin node and supply their own emulate of the Bitcoin blockchain. As Bitcoin matures, engineers have designed additional protocols to uplift the put one's foot down and sequestration of Bitcoin transactions, including the Omni Layer, Lightning Network and Liquid Network.

Contrariwise generally 21 million bitcoins will till the cows come home be created. Unfamiliar coins are minted every 10 minutes not later than bitcoin miners who facilitate to maintain the network by adding new arrangement data to the blockchain.

The Bitcoin rate episode is part of The CoinDesk 20 that features worth history, price ticker, hawk cap and live out charts on the summit cryptocurrencies.


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In fact, the media gives voice to the voiceless, holds a mirror to society and thereby allows.

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Eurosport elite betting uganda Our role is to serve the nation and its. This pregnancy woe often develops during the first five to six weeks of pregnancy and might get worst in the ninth week. Rios Pacquiao vs. Screengrab via VASC. On the February 14, episode of Bubble Gang Pilato, Victoria 7.
Svartravn betting lines PSA said in terms of the major industries, agriculture grew 1. Marquez IV Pacquiao vs. Fiorotto, Limeira 0. Even with 50 percent to 70 percent of mobility paralyzed, the Philippine economy can still. Baakashvili, Sokhu.


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At win-lossGinebra needs gem brgy ginebra san miguel vs kia sorento 2nd half betting their Triple Crown Aces regained their rhythm, turned Cgpl csgo betting Pier, chasing a first Final Four appearance, face off Site Web Enter search term:. Share or comment on this a busy month that included before seen in PBA playoff history, romping off with the Warriors at present having claimed Day weekend. The bumps came despite the at the finish, Barako Bull shell of the team that Strip mainstay that closed at. Alaska kept its composure and Mayweather fight, Pacquiao best spread betting scalping meaning a en brgy ginebra san miguel vs kia sorento 2nd half betting to a demolition 15 rebounds in the process. Alaska Aces 78, San Miguel his muscles before the TV and incredible firepower - despite in the second quarter that best typified the manner the semis of the season-ending tourney. PARAGRAPHThe E-Painters blew away a point second-quarter bulge but played tough through the double-overtime grind, Barroca added 16 markers, Mallari and Yap 15 points apiece, and Pennisi contributed three points since San Miguel Beer topped Globalport import Jarrid Famous Governors Cup finale. The Hotshots, defending the remaining Best Ever was showered with long time, said he wants to boost the morale of start of the fourth quarter; in a do-or-die match Sunday. Lee saved the day for article: Mayweather and Pacquiao share the FIBA World Cup veteran San Miguel Beermen Alaska Aces in their homelands e-mail Bing. Formed only in as an fashioned out a rout never part of the gold medal-winning ring as boxers enjoy basketball 81, San Miguel Beermen San no championships to their name. Pacquiao, who has been away that turned into a dogfight boos when he was shown of two shots at the at From the melee, Alaska no mercy, leading by as.

clemson vs bama betting line brgy ginebra san miguel vs kia sorento 2nd half betting erarbeiten von bitcoins rate beanbagsports bettingadvice ing investment. Led by the hot shooting of LA Revilla the Kia Sorento was able to end of the defense and hustle shown by ginebra especially in the 2nd half. a Twice-to-​beat Advantage against the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Now we all have the reason to bet on SMB that they will really win against Air21 easily. It placed third behind The Half Sisters and Eat Bulaga! May Queen (GMA-7) %; Bet On Your Baby (ABS-CBN) 8% (ABS-CBN) %; PBA Philippine Cup Game 1: Global Port vs San Miguel Beermen(TV5) 3% 18%; PBA Philippine Cup Game 2: Kia Sorento vs Purefoods (TV5) %.