labor disputes in professional sports betting

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Labor disputes in professional sports betting wanna bet on it

Labor disputes in professional sports betting

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The sports industry has a new competitor: Esports, which includes a diverse and ever-changing landscape of competitive video games, has become a fast-growing alternative to traditional sports.

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Also, the players are more of a target for fans' frustration because they're not as insulated and withdrawn as the owners. But then I think about your job. If you could go to battle with your boss to get more benefits and more job security, wouldn't you?

And if you did, how could anyone hold it against you? It's best to think of these labor situations as a form of class war. Yes, it is millionaires fighting with billionaires. Yes they're both greedy, selfish pricks. But it's the principle, not the point, that the people who actually perform the labor and create the commodity are as important as those who own the necessary means to produce it.

It's a power struggle that's as old as civilization, and it is acted out in the pubic forum every few years or so. But I'm also like you, I just want to watch and wager on the games, not concern myself with their socioeconomic issues or politics. I get enough of that at work. However, this stuff is important to know because the labor situation has an impact on the league and team structures, as well as how the actual games are played.

For example, since hockey is trying to lure fans back to the game, look for new offense-friendly rules that will increase scoring. It's underlying ideas like that which can change the whole landscape of the sport. The NBA just signed a new collective bargaining agreement, and the NHL is close to a new deal that would start the game back up. Baseball is still a capitalist mess, and the tranquility of the NFL could be disrupted by dark clouds on the horizon.

Here's a quick breakdown of the main issues surrounding the labor situations of each of the four major North American sports leagues:. It became the first North American sport to cancel a season due to labor problems. Not only did the players and owners lose millions of dollars, but they caused thousands of people on the periphery of the league think vendors, shop owners near the rink, etc. Also, the league that was already a very distant fourth to the pro baseball, basketball and football leagues has alienated its fan base and lost any shred of credibility that it had.

The NHL lockout began on September 16, one day after their collective bargaining agreement expired. The owners decided to lockout the players because they claimed that they were losing money. The issue at the center of the divide was that iron maiden to professional athletes - a salary cap. The union pulled together and held firm against the owners. Following he advice of union leader Bob Goodenow, the players thought they had much more leverage than they really did. It's like when Marlon left the Jackson 5 thinking he had a chance in hell of making it on his own.

And like Marlon, the NHL took a savage beating that it will likely never recover from. The terms of the new deal include the salary cap which the players said in December that they'd never accept. NBC now owns the rights to the league, but the network didn't have to pay a rights fee to acquire it. Also, the lack of a national cable deal will cripple the league's exposure.

Most importantly, the NHL pissed off the fringe fans and gave them a reason never to return, and cheated and betrayed the loyal, diehard fans that previously formed the sport's base. Baseball's current labor agreement is up on December 19, There have been promising signs that further labor strife can be avoided, but if the NHL can bounce back from its lost season then baseball owners might start to get shady ideas about another lockout.

However, it took a McGwire miracle to save the sport after the strike in cost everyone a World Series. I don't think the sport will bounce back from another stoppage. The deal has addressed the issue of revenue disparity and competitive imbalance, but it has done little to resolve it.

I know, the Yankees are slightly better than a. But give me a break. Basically, about of the teams in the majors will never win a World Series. The D-Rays? Are you kidding me? Until something is done to bridge the gap, baseball will remain a ridiculously unbalanced and elitist sport.

Download this FREE special report, Mediation Secrets for Better Business Negotiations: Top Techniques from Mediation Training Experts , to discover mediation techniques for selecting the right mediator, understand the mediation process and learn how to engage the mediator to ensure a good outcome from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

This is true despite the fact that when parties in sports-related disputes do try mediation , they often see dramatic results. As Grabowski explains, mediation has helped pro sports in the past and could greatly improve efficiency if applied more widely. Weeks turned into months of canceled games, and the specter of another canceled season loomed. The NHL had canceled its entire season due to a similar dispute. A breakthrough came when federal mediator Scot L.

Beckenbaugh entered the picture, according to USA Today. When face-to-face negotiations got heated, Beckenbaugh separated the two sides and engaged in shuttle diplomacy for about 12 hours, visiting each side in turn to identify issues where they might be flexible. Sixteen additional hours of negotiation led to a win-win deal that hinged on the issue of player pensions.

The agreement allowed NHL players, whose careers are often short, to concede on the short-term issue of salary in return for peace of mind regarding their long-term financial future. In , court-sponsored mediation helped the National Football League take key steps toward resolving its labor dispute and player lockout through negotiation. By helping the parties find common ground, Boylan enabled them to build the trust they needed to ultimately resolve their dispute through negotiation.

Grabowski argues that the types of conflict that often crop up in professional sports, including labor, disciplinary, and broadcast disputes, are ripe for resolution with mediation. Grabowski outlines a number of reasons that sports disputes are particularly likely to benefit from using mediation more often to resolve disputes, including the following:. Vocal third parties, ranging from sports agents to fans, often get in the way of an agreement in sports disputes.

Because mediation is a confidential, fast, and cost-effective process, it can allow parties to devise face-saving compromises out of the public eye. Unlike arbitration, the dispute resolution process often favored in professional sports, mediation generally leads to a win-win rather than win-lose agreement. In addition, disputants have greater control over how mediation unfolds, as compared to arbitration or litigation.

The arbitration process favored in Major League Baseball often leads to take-it-or-leave-it offers that result in an impasse or damaged relationships that hinder player performance on the field, writes Grabowski. By contrast, the confidential and collaborative nature of mediation is far more likely to preserve and even improve relationships between players and team management in baseball and other sports.

Ideally, he argues, mediation should take place early on in a dispute, before parties have become deeply entrenched in their positions and fans have stoked grievances on both sides.